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white canvas tote bag A classic tote bag is a flexible bag with two handles and an open top.  It may be constructed of canvas, leather, vinyl, straw, or some other fabric.  Tote bags come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are used for many different purposes.  Most people like to bring a tote bag to the beach.  It makes a great accessory for carrying beach towels, tanning lotions, sunglasses, water, snacks, and whatever else one might want or need.  Additionally, the thick canvas or vinyl usually protects the contents from elements such as sand and water.  Specialty tote bags are also available for people such as musicians and artists.  They may be designed to carry sheet music and books to and from practice, or have special pockets for paints and brushes.  Many people prefer to bring their own canvas tote bags when grocery shopping, to cut down on use of paper or plastic bags.

orange beach tote bag In modern parlance, a tote bag has also come to mean any small bag, pack, duffel or carry-on luggage accessory.  For example, a gym bag or backpack may also be considered a tote.  Indeed, the term tote includes any sort of non-disposable open bag that is carried by handles, such as a large straw purse or a reusable mesh bag.

Personalized, embroidered tote bags are popular gift items, and totes are popular advertising specialty products as well.  Trade show vendors frequently imprint their corporate logos on tote bags that they freely distribute to appreciative trade show visitors.

duffel-style tote bag features a convenient selection of online luggage and leather goods dealers as well as travel bag and small luggage manufacturers.  These suppliers offer a wide range of tote bags and related travel accessories.

Tote Bag Manufacturers

  • Samsonite
    Manufacturer of hardside and softside luggage, tote bags, and travel bags.
  • Tote Le Monde
    Features a selection of market bags and totes for shoppers and travelers.
  • JanSport
    Premier supplier of backpacks, day packs, travel bags, laptop business bags, and accessories.
  • Enviro-Tote
    This New Hampshire firm offers promotional tote bags in custom sizes and styles.
  • Canvas Design Group
    This firm manufactures promotional and custom designed canvas tote bags.

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